Diabetes can cause vision loss, heart diseases and more

Diabetes is a group of diseases that result in high levels of sugar in the blood. There are various forms of diabetes and in the long run the disorders may cause cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes.

Diabetes affects millions of people in India and Type 1 and Type 2 are the most common forms of this disorder.

Type I diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes and affects the pancreas. Type I diabetes mostly occurs in childhood and is very difficult to cure. It can be managed with the help of insulin medication.

The type II diabetes can be reversed with the help of proper diet, exercise and adequate medication.

If not treated in time with regular medications and checkups , diabetes can cause eye related issues such as retinopathy and loss of vision.

Diabetes also causes impaired kidney function and can result in serious health complications.

Diabetic neuropathy is the condition where nerves are damaged due to diabetes.

Heart disease and stroke are also caused due to diabetes, however, these can be avoided by taking care of health and getting regular medications.

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