5 reasons why wheat needs to be a part of your regular diet

Wheat is one of the most popular food grains in India. Bread, rotis and chapathis are favourite foods for millions of Indians! Wheat helps to improve metabolism, prevents asthma, reduces risk of breast cancer, and protects against heart diseases.

Apart from all of this, did you know that wheat has high nutrition and many other benefits as well? Check out these five reasons why you should make wheat a part of your diet!

Controls obesity

In today’s times, obesity is one of the most common diseases that affects people of all age groups. Changing lifestyles and unhealthy diet patterns adds to the risk. Wheat grains have a natural ability to control weight, especially in women. People who eat wheat on a regular basis are more successful at losing weight as compared to those who do not.

Rich source of fibre

Since wheat is rich in fibre, it helps in the prevention of constipation and nausea. Wheat is also one of the most easily available bulk laxatives as well. A fibre rich diet will only help in better digestion and bowel movements.

Promotes skin, hair health

Is your hair fuzzy and unhealthy due to environmental changes? Add more wheat to your diet! Studies have proved that zinc in wheat helps to have a healthy hair. Selenium and vitamin E present in wheat helps to stay away from acne and skin cancer.

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disorder that affects elderly people. Iron, folate, vitamins B and E increases the energy levels in a person’s body. It also helps in preventing disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Helps to stay away from eye problems

Yes, you heard that right! The vitamins, niacin and zinc that are present in whole wheat helps to reduce risk of risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

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