Arvind Kejriwal's sofa protest works, Supreme Court says his government is the boss of Delhi

In an important verdict, the Supreme Court has said that the boss of India's capital is Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and not the Lieutenant Governor (LG).

The court said that the LG does not have independent decision-making powers in Delhi. The real power must lie with the elected government. This is a major legal victory for AAP, which has been locked in a long fight over who runs the capital of India.

The court said that the state should enjoy freedom from unsolicited interference, and that the LG should not be obstructionist.

This means that while the cabinet must convey all decisions to the LG, his agreement is not required in all matters. Also except for anything related to land, police and public order, the LG has no independent decision-making powers under the constitution.

The LG has been told to work harmoniously with the Delhi government.

In 2016, AAP went to the Supreme Court against the High Court's order that the LG is the administrative boss The Supreme Court's landmark decision comes after Kejriwal and three of his ministers spent nine days in a sofa protest at LG Anil Baijal's house to get his attention.

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