Police to use psychological autopsy technique to investigate 11 Delhi suicides

The death of 11 members of a Delhi family has left everyone in surprise. Members of Bhatia family from Burari neighbourhood were found dead inside their home on 30 June. Since then investigators have been trying to crack the case.

The dead were between the ages of 15 to 77 years and were found hanging inside the house. The evidence points to some superstitious beliefs that may have led the family to the tragic end.

The police has now decided to use a technique called psychological autopsy to ascertain the cause behind the group suicides that the family is assumed to have taken part in.

Psychological autopsy can be used to explain why a person has taken his or her life. This is done through an extensive process of analyzing medical records, interviewing friends and family, and conducting research into a person's state of mind before their death.

So far the evidence gathered from the house of the family has revealed that one family member named Lalit was hallucinating and believed that his deceased father was communicating with him.

Lalit used to maintain notes in registers about instructions that he received from his dead father.

The police believe that Lalit may have influenced the other family members to follow a set of suicidal rituals in the name of getting salvation.

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