Most political parties skip ECI's consultation on accessible elections

This gesture shows how important the issue of accessibility is for India's major political parties. Most of them did not think it important to attend a two-day consultation by the Election Commission of India (ECI) on holding Accessible Elections.

And while Prime Minister Narendra Modi might be pushing for greater access for people with disabilities, his own party members do not seem to share that concern. Most of them were missing at the EC consultation as well.

The consultation is a part of the ECI’s mission to leave no voter behind, with a special focus on people with disabilities. Accessible Elections was the ECI’s central theme for this year’s National Voters’ Day celebrations The main aim was to increase the participation of disabled people in the state and Lok Sabha elections.

The ECI sent invitations to all political parties. However, there was no participation from the BJP and other major parties. The only one present was Atul Kumar Anjan from the Communist Party of India.

At the consultation, many disabled people were present and there was an active discussion on accessible elections. But the absence of leaders from the ruling party was felt.

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