Delhi Police lends a helping hand to senior citizens to make them aware of cyber safety

Incidents over the past many months have proved that India is definitely not a safe country for women or elderly citizens. Though modern technology and easy availability of smart phones have made things better, many senior citizens are still unaware about how to use a smart phone! The Delhi police launched a Cyber Safety and Digital Awareness Programme for Senior Citizens on Thursday.

More than 1800 elderly people from different parts of Delhi took part in the event. A senior citizen who participated in the event said that he has been using a smart phone for the past three years. But apart from using WhatsApp and making calls, he does not know how to use any other applications on his phone.

Elderly people were given a detailed insight into cybercrimes and cyber safety tips at the event. A cyber forensic van was also inaugurated.

Delhi police said that elderly citizens can live without fear in the national capital. They have employed nearly 2000 policemen to investigate cyber crimes where women and senior citizens are mostly the victims. Elderly citizens interacted with officials in order to talk about their problems and difficulties.

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