Natural toxins present in sea food can cause serious damage to humans!

Beware, not everything edible is healthy and safe. After a new study, the World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out that natural toxins that are present in certain foods can cause temporary or permanent damages to a human!

Natural toxins are present inside living organisms in the sea. But these toxins are not harmful to the organism since they are its defence mechanism against predators, insects or microorganisms. But if a human takes in these toxins, it can cause serious damage!

Toxins are commonly found in microscopic algae and planktons that are seen in lakes and oceans. Fishes and shell fishes usually consume them, and it does not cause any damage to them either.

Toxins that are formed by algae in the ocean and fresh water are called algal toxins. They are usually present in mussels, scallops, oysters and fishes like barracuda, black grouper, dog snapper, and king mackerel.

A person who eats these fishes has a high risk of intake of these toxins. It can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and even paralysis! Since these toxins are tasteless and colourless, they cannot be removed even after cooking or freezing.

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