Delay to form panel infuriates Delhi commission for persons with disabilities

In November 2017, the Delhi state commissioner for persons with disabilities had ensured that a committee will be formed in order to make various facilities across the state accessible for disabled people.

For that, the social welfare development and urban development boards have to work together under the guidance of the state commission for people with disabilities. It has been over six months now, and authorities are still turning their heads towards making Delhi accessible!

Delay in formation of this committee has infuriated TD Dhariyal, who is the Commissioner of persons with disabilities in Delhi. He has written a letter to the Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash to make sure that the committee is formed at the earliest.

According to reports, the social welfare or urban development boards are not willing to take an initiative or effort for this. Both the parties are passing responsibilities to each other which has made things difficult for authorities at the state commission of persons with disabilities as well.

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