Delhi Police to question 13 people who stayed with the family that committed mass suicide

The Delhi Police have started a psychological autopsy of the Chundawat family, whose 11 members planned and carried out a rituals-based mass hanging.

The police are questioning 13 people who stayed with the for the 17 June engagement of Priyanka Bhatia She was one of the 11 people found hanging from a grill in the ceiling. All their faces were wrapped, mouths duct-taped, and hands tied behind their back.

The guests left on 23 June, one week before the family hangings.

While doing a psychological autopsy, the police will talk to relatives, friends and those who knew the family well to assess the mental health of the Chundawats.

The police are also taking help from experts at Vidya Sagar Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences.

A team of the Delhi police crime branch is in Udaipur, Rajasthan, to speak to the family of the wife of Lalit Chundawat. He is the man who is seen to have planned the mass suicide as a thanksgiving ritual for Priyanka's engagement.

The family did not intend to die, but emerge stronger from the ritual. That seems to be the indication. The Chundawat family believed everything Lalit had been saying over the years.

45-year-old Lalit allegedly suffered from delusions and hallucinated about his dead father advising him on spiritual salvation and rituals for wealth and happiness.

His notes show that Lalit wanted to replicate a tapasya in which the family was supposed to arrange itself to hang like the branches of a banyan tree. This was to make the gods happy.

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