Malayalam actress Surya Sasikumar arrested in fake currency case

Malayalam television actress Surya Sasikumar has been arrested for printing fake currency in Kochi, Kerala.

The actress along with her mother Rema Devi and sister Shruthi were taken under arrest by the police for printing fake currency worth ₹57 lakh, at their residence.

The police has recovered the complete printing mechanism that was being used for the crime. The recovery includes fake notes worth Rs 57 lakh, computer, color printer, special paper and other material used for printing the fake notes.

As per reports, Surya had suffered some heavy losses recently and was trying to make up for that by printing counterfeit currency.

The women were printing fake notes of rupees 500 and 200 denominations and were also circulating them.

Some other people have also been arrested for helping in the circulation of the fake notes.

They were giving 35 lakh fake currency notes in exchange for Rs 1 lakh worth of real notes.

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