RBS India sets up disability inclusion forum to mainstream inclusion

RBS India, which is the innovation and operations hub of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has set up an industry forum called Disability Smart. The aim of this is to mainstream the disability inclusion agenda in organizations.

The forum met to talk about how organizations and people with disabilities can work together to create an environment, that empowers disabled people and establish a truly inclusive culture in companies.

RBS has been involved in developing disability friendly products and services and contributing to the development of disability and inclusion learning. This forum provides a platform to discuss how more organizations can become disability smart.”

The aim of Disability Smart means is to support people with disabilities with workplace adjustments, so they can do their job to the best of their abilities.

The forum’s profile of participants includes disabled people, and other experts. Among the things that were raised was how organizations can drive accessibility, employability and development of persons with disability, to establish an inclusive and enriched environment.

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