Delhi’s Burari deaths throw light on dark occult practices in India

Last week, 11 members of a family were found dead inside their house at Burari in New Delhi. This incident sent shock waves across the country. Police found out that the family members took to this extreme step as a result of occult practices.

Some family members were found hanging, while others were strangled and lying on the floor. There were notes pointing out that they are on their way to salvation and has done something great.

According to reports, Lalit, the head of the family had certain delusions for the past many months. He believed that his dead father was inside the house and was giving them instructions to do things. He convinced rest of the family members to sacrifice themselves as part of a ritual. Even educated people in the family fell for it.

The incident shows how many Indians still believe in black magic, occult practices and bizarre rituals in the name of religion. Even during times when science and technology is at its peak, occult practices are strongly followed in many cities, towns and villages in India. Many believe that the bigger the sacrifice, the more they will be showered with blessings. The ultimate is self sacrifice.

Occult practices are often done secretively. Hence, it is difficult to find those who do it.

Such practices and black magic have been made illegal in Maharashtra and Assam. But hundreds of people from other parts of the country blindly follow these practices.

Experts say that a central law to ban occult practices and black magic must come soon to address the situation.

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