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How to teach about emotions to a child with autism

For children with autism, it is not always easy to be communicative with people around them. They tend to be isolated, with few friends. It has been found that understanding feelings and emotions of others can help children with autism relate to others. Here are some ideas to teach about feelings and emotions to a child with autism.

  1. Start with basic emotions such as happy, sad, angry, crying.

  2. Using pictures showing various emotions is a god idea. The pictures show faces of people with different emotions, sad, happy, angry and more.

  3. Another great idea is to use stories to explain feelings. Children can earn a lot from stories based on life situations. Stories make an impact on the child's thinking and are also easy to remember. They can also be used to guide the child about how people react in different situations and their feelings.

  4. Using Applied Behavioral Analysis is also effective in giving lessons about emotions. The child is taught with examples and then asked to respond.

  5. What always works with children is learning through fun and play activities.

  6. Some children with autism also prefer to learn using gadgets like computers and smartphones. Computer games can also be used to teach about various emotions.

  7. Give some time to the child to understand an emotion and then move to the next one.

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