Here are 4 reasons to have chocolates!

Who doesn’t love chocolates! They are always a treat to your taste buds. Too much of chocolate has its own negative effects, but having it in right amounts will only do you good. Made from cocoa beans, chocolates are a favourite of people in all age groups. Did you know that dark chocolate has many nutritious effects?

Check out these 4 health benefits of chocolates

Reduces risk of heart diseases

Chocolate makes sure that cholesterol is not formed inside the arteries. That means lesser chances of heart diseases! Researchers conducted a study on 470 elderly men to find out that cocoa reduced the risk of heart diseases by 50%.

Protects skin from sun

Yes, you heard that right! Dark chocolate contains bioactive compounds that have the capacity to protect your skin from sunlight. It also helps in blood flow to the skin and increases skin density and hydration.

Improves brain functions

A study showed that eating dark chocolate continuously for five days improves function of the brain by promoting good blood flow. Dark chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which is extremely good for the brain.

Highly nutritious

Rich cocoa is highly nutritious. It contains soluble fibre and minerals in large amounts.

Dark chocolate is abundant in sugar and fat which promotes weight gain. Bur right amounts of cocoa will do you good. So what is your excuse for not having a bar of rich chocolate today?

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