PhD scholar files complaint against TV show for offensive depiction of disability

Sameer Chaturvedi is a PhD scholar in Jawaharlal Nehru University and has cerebral palsy. Sameer is focused on his studies and has never let his disability become a barrier in his education or life.

Sameer has filed a complaint with the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council – BCCC as he feels that there is a negative depiction of disability on television.

Sameer has been offended by one particular TV show titled ‘Zindagi ke Crossroads’ that was telecast on the Sony Entertainment Television on 6 June.

The very first episode of this new TV series showed a couple that was worrying about giving birth to a disabled child. The show contained dialogues such as ”aise bache ko dunia me lana jo zindgi se cope hi na kar paye, jiske liye har din ek saza jesi ho?”

In his compliant Sameer has pointed out that shows like this will add to the stigma and discrimination against disabled people in our society.

Sameer has written to the BCCC demanding action against the channel and the producers of ‘Zindagi ke Crossroads’.

Zindagi ke Crossroads’ is a show hosted by TV actor Ram Kapoor and claims to be inspired from real life.

BCCC is a self-regulatory body that ensures that non-news channels are not telecasting offensive programmes and are following the guidelines set for them.

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