Pollution-related disabilities & deaths are high in Bihar, say experts

Rising air pollution has led to many negative impacts on humans and the environment. India tops the list of highest polluted countries across the world.

Recently, a few international and Indian researchers joined hands to find out about the hazardous effects of air pollution. The study pointed out that 33.23% of the total deaths in Bihar is due to air pollution! At least 21.81% cases of disability amongst locals is also because of air pollution.

Indoor pollution is yet another slow killer. Many Indian homes still use biomass for cooking. This can affect the lungs and even cause cancer.

Researchers also found out that water pollution causes various types of illnesses. Many people in Bihar suffer from water-borne diseases as well.

The Centre for Environment and Energy Development conducted a workshop in Patna where experts discussed the impact of different kinds of air pollution across India. The results in Bihar were found to be alarmingly high.

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