Milk priced at Rs 3,000 a litre spells good business for India

Milk from a camel may not have many buyers in India, but there is great demand for camel milk and its products in the United States. This is making processing units in Surat and Rajasthan very happy.

Although its expensive, camel milk is said to have medicinal properties, which explains the high demand for the milk as well as the milk powder made from it. This is great news for camel owners in Rajasthan, who are selling it to manufacturing units in Bikaner, Kutch and Surat.

The milk is being sold in a 200-ml tetrapak, while the processed powder is sold in packets of 200 grams and 500 grams.

Although there has been no study done on the human impact, reports are that it helps with the treatment of diabetes, joint pain, autism, and diseases related to immunity.

It has lower lactose as compared to cow's milk, and is good for people who cannot handle lactose. It is also a good remedy to the virus that causes diarrhoea.

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