India lacks care services for older people, says study

Older people in India are not getting the care they need as per a study conducted for the United Nations.

This includes long term care as well as the palliative care that is needed in terminal illnesses.

The study collected data from 10,000 people across northern, southern, western, eastern, and central India during May-June 2018.

The results of the survey show a dismal picture about elderly care in India as 62.1% of the seniors do not get the care needed by them.

Disability, mobility issues, loneliness, poverty and lack of awareness are some of the most common problems faced by older people in India.

Fast life has made family members too busy to pay enough attention to the needs of older people.

Most of the old people are dependent financially on their families and cannot live their life freely.

They have to compromise ad make adjustments according to the wishes of other people. This can also cause them to feel depressed and isolated.

Older people with disabilities need equipment such as wheelchairs, adult diapers and caregivers. Families can take the initiative to provide the necessary care for the seniors.

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