Railway Board asked not to place disabled coaches at the end of trains

Concerned about the safety of disabled people travelling by trains, the Department for Empowerment of Differently-abled and Senior Citizens in Karnataka has written to the Railway Board objecting to the disabled coach being placed at the end of the trains.

This comes soon after two men with knives robbed a disabled passenger on the Bengaluru-Mangaluru-Kannur route on 28 June this year.

Despite repeated requests to the South Western Railway (SWR), similar please made earlier were ignored. That is why the Railway Board has been approached with this request.

Protests had been organised in 13 districts, including Bengaluru, against SWR in February. The protesters wanted the coach for disabled people to be placed in the centre of the trains. Placing the coach at the end of a train is inconvenient and unsafe for people with disabilities.

The Railway Board has also been asked to look into setting up special toilets in disabled coaches and appointing attendants to help disabled people board the coach.

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