This new machine learning technique will detect ageing of muscles in elderly!

Ageing comes with a lot of health problems, especially weak muscles and bones. A group of researchers from the United States of America have created something novel to fight Sarcopenia which is a very common disease that affects elderly people.

Sarcopenia leads to loss of skeletal muscles and its functions. This new machine learning technique can predict the biological age of a muscle and estimate the importance of genetic and epigenetic factors during ageing!

A researcher from the team said that the best way to combat Sarcopenia is by using tissue specific details. Hence, they focussed on the development of tissue-specific factors that leads to ageing.

The team did a detailed study on this after collecting tissues from old and young healthy donors. Researchers found out that age prediction models can become a powerful tool for identifying prospective targets for geroprotectors as well.

While ageing, people tend to have many issues due to weak muscles. It includes falls, lack of balance and disabilities. This new study will give a detailed insight into how to tackle muscle problems during ageing.

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