People who work in shifts are at high risk of Alzheimer’s, says new study

Are you someone who works in shifts? Do you follow different work timings? Then you are at a high risk of getting Alzheimer’s! In a study that was recently published in a journal, researchers asserted that working in different shifts can be stressful and tiring for an individual.

Many youngsters and middle-aged people who work in the IT, insurance and banking sectors work in different shifts. This is a very common sight in today’s world!

Working in different shifts will have a negative impact on the circadian rhythm. It even leads to sleep disorders and fatigue during day time which is definitely harmful to your health. This will cause a deterioration of the brain resulting in various disorders including memory loss.

A variation in the receptor 1A (MTNR1A) gene along with lifestyle changes can affect the body and its functioning. But this link is higher in elderly people over youngsters.

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