Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Nirbhaya’s murderers

The brutal rape and murder of medical student Jyoti Singh, popularly known as Nirbhaya, shook humanity across borders. The convicts Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Kumar Singh were given a death sentence on 5 May 2017. Mukesh, Pawan and Vinay had submitted a plea to the Supreme Court asking not to hang them.

The bench of justices at the Supreme Court rejected the pleas of all the three convicts on Monday!

The court said that the crime was brutal, barbaric and of a diabolic nature that it could create a tsunami of shock to destroy a civilised society.

Akshay, who is the fourth convict, has not yet filed a review petition against the verdict of the court. But his advocate said that he will soon file one. Meanwhile the advocate for all the three convicts said that death penalty is cold-blooded killing in the name of justice.

Jyoti was brutally raped in a moving bus at New Delhi on December 2012. She was thrown out of the bus and left on the road to die. She was later taken to a pioneer hospital in Singapore where she succumbed to her injuries. The incident had sparked outrage across the world! The event threw light on India being unsafe for women.

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