Getting loans turns nightmare for disabled people in Karnataka

For over a year now, disabled people in Karnataka have been having a tough time getting loans from the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC). This is after more than 650 people refusing to pay back the loans that they had taken. Now, NHFDC has said that the Karnataka state government must give a bank guarantee for those who are taking loans.

But the government is refusing to do this without a proper screening mechanism. Disabled people in the state have raised their concerns to authorities.

Now, the Department for Empowerment of Differently-abled and Senior Citizens has approached the government to start a policy where in the applicants can be screened before the loan is recommended to the NHFDC.

Most of them take loans to start new business or ventures. A representative of disabled people from Karnataka said that the government must also start a market that sells products made by disabled people. This will make things easier for hundreds of disabled entrepreneurs.

Recently, the Karnataka government had presented the budget. They have waivered off loans for more than Rs 4 crore for disabled people in the state. But many disabled people, activists and NGO’s said that the government has not provided enough benefits for disabled people in the current budget.

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