Lack of infrastructure blocks progress of disabled people in Nagaland

Our state governments have a long way to go in implementing policies and schemes for disabled people. Disabled people, activists and NGO's have pointed out many states that are yet to implement policies for people with disabilities. Latest to join the wagon is Nagaland.

According to Kamlesh Kumar who is the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD), Nagaland has deficient infrastructure for disabled people. He alleged that the state does not even have a separate department to take care of the interests of people with disabilities!

Reports confirm that Nagaland has 29,631 people with disabilities. But the state government has issued disability certificates to only 6,592. Rest of them are denied of their rights for government schemes and policies due to lack of the certificate.

Kumar added that the pension amount given to disabled people is very low and the infrastructure for their welfare lacks even minimum funds.

It is high time that an exclusive department is created for people with disabilities so that things can be done in a smooth manner. Lack of special training institutions makes it worse!

Kamlesh Kumar assured that he will take up these matters with the central ministry at the earliest.

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