Thai cave rescue mission turns success on Tuesday evening!

More than two weeks back, a group of 12 boys from a soccer team and their coach were stuck inside a flooded cave in Thailand. Even though they were thought to be dead, officials soon realised that all of them are alive inside the cave. After more than 18 days, all the boys and their coach who were trapped inside the flooded cave has been rescued!

The Thailand Navy SEAL confirmed the news on Tuesday evening. The rescue mission has been going on for more than a week now. Initially, a few boys were taken out while some others were stuck deep inside. But with a planned mission and days of hard work, SEALs and divers managed to rescue them all!

Thailand's Navy SEALs along with Thai and international divers are the real super heroes who worked for days to rescue the children from the flooded cave.

Authorities had also posted a medic and three other SEALs to help children inside the cave. Even they have been brought out. Hence, the mission is completed!

Thailand Navy SEALs posted on social media that they are extremely glad to have saved them all. They added that it seems like a miracle or science, and they are still unsure of it!

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