This couple have adopted 6 children from around the world who are blind!

Joe and Karen Bartling, a couple from the United States, truly have a large heart. The 60-year-old couple have adopted six children from around the world, who are blind. One of them is a baby girl from India, found in a garbage dump.

The Bartlings always wanted a large family, but struggled to conceive naturally after the birth of their first son. They turned to adoption after hearing about a baby that had been abandoned in South Korea. She was born with no eyes due to a developmental disorder.

Over the next few years, they were approached by many social workers who were trying to find homes for blind kids. They said they could never find it in their hearts to say no.

The Bartlings and their children are stared at in public, but they are used to it. They also sometimes have their bills paid by kindhearted people.

The children help around the house with daily chores. The couple know their kids will never leave them, but they find their lives challenging and rewarding as well.

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