Decriminalize Section 377? Centre leaves decision entirely to Supreme Court

Is the Supreme Court (SC) of India gearing up to go in favour of the LGBTQ community? SC has clearly indicated that they are all set to decriminalize IPC Section 377 that criminalizes homosexuality. For the past many years, people from the LGBTQ community have been raising concerns over this. It is high time to scrap the rule that was introduced by the British!

Meanwhile, the central government stated that they are leaving the decision entirely to be taken according to the wisdom of the Supreme Court of India. The centre also added that the SC must only look into whether to decriminalize the section or not. If they look into further issues, it can have a far reaching consequence in the future.

The Chief Justice of India along with the bench of justices has been hearing the case. The verdict is not yet out.

Judges said that LGBTQ members must come forward in the society for its development. The ideal way to do this is by decriminalizing Section 377 so that community members can take part in progress without any hassles. The court also asserted that two consenting individuals must be allowed to do what they like!

After hearing the petition from many other activists, the court said that they do not want to discuss widely on gay rights for the time being.

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