Post-mortem details reveal that ten members of Burari family died from hanging

India has still not recovered from the mysterious death of 11 members of a family at Burari in Delhi. Preliminary reports confirm that the family committed a mass suicide after following occult practices.

According to latest post mortem reports, ten of the family members have died from hanging. Report of Narayani Devi, the eldest family member, is yet to come out. She was found lying on the floor unlike the others who were found hanging from the ceiling. Doctors said that they have to take a detailed look into how Narayani has died.

Recently, the Delhi police received an anonymous letter saying that the family used to visit a baba who might have asked them to end their lives to attain salvation. The police are tracking details for this baba.

Lalit, who was a business man and head of the family, is said to have lured the rest of them to end their lives along with him. For the past few months, he has been saying that his dead father’s spirit is living with him. He even used to act, talk and behave like him!

Meanwhile, rest of the family members asserted that none of the deceased believed in occult practices. The chilling mystery of this case still continues.

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