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The exclusive Otsimo app uses interactive games to educate children with autism!

July 12, 2018

Zafer Elcik, a Turkish man, has created something with lots of love for children with autism, and a mobile app it is! Otsimo has been creating waves since the past two years. The journey of Zafer and Otsimo begins from Alper, Zafer's younger brother!

Alper was diagnosed with autism when he was two years of age, and Zafer decided that he is going to spend a lot of time with his younger brother. He even used to attend special classes with him. Zafer realised the hardships faced by children with autism, and wanted to create something fun for them. That is how Otsimo was born!

Otsimo uses interactive games to help children with developmental disabilities to learn core skills like reading and writing. The process is made fun and informative for the child.

Since it has a PIN protected family module, parents can access it and decide what games their child must play!

The Machine Learning (ML) technology of the app optimises games and activities according to the child's ability.

All these help children with autism to improve their attention span, reading, writing and mental skills like emotion identification.

Zafer knew that getting funds and developing the app was a tedious task in his home country Turkey. He collaborated with the Indian institution Ashoka Changemaker Schools to bring out the app successfully.

Otsimo can be used in both I-phones and Android phones. Today, Otsimo is has helped many children with autism from across the globe. Zafer is super happy that he could do his bit for children with autism. This young man aims to reduce the stigma attached to autism. Zafer points out that inclusion is need of the hour. He plans to implement more programmes for welfare of children with autism!

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