Are you 60 years old? Maharashtra government will now give you senior citizen benefits!

Here is some good news for people who have hit 60 years of age in Maharashtra. The state government is all set to reduce the age of senior citizens to 60 from the existing 65!

Rajkumar Badole, who is the State Minister for Social Justice, announced this news on Tuesday. But he clearly stated that the government will need more time for implementing this new rule since it is going to be a huge financial burden for the government.

More people are going to apply for government schemes and benefits. The state government has to prepare for it in the right manner. Currently, there are more than 40 lakh people who are waiting in line to get these benefits!

There are over 1.3 crore senior citizens in Maharashtra. Once this new rule is implemented, the state government will have to face a burden of another Rs 650 crore on an annual basis. The government has appointed a special committee to review into the schemes and benefits that must be provided to people over 60 years of age. The report will be submitted on August.

The minister also added that old age homes will be built in the suburban of Mumbai.

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