India's top design institute reports a rise in number of applications from disabled students

The National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, which is widely regarded as one of India's top design institutes, has seen a rise in the number of applications under the disabled persons category this year.

In 2018, the NID has received 114 applications as against 78 in 2017. The institute has taken the help of the BM Institute of Mental Health to closely look at the applications. They are also in talks to identify discipline-wise disability, to support and encourage these students.

The increase has been seen in undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The institute received 82 for Bachelors of Design in 2018 as against against 54 last year. As many as 32 students have applied for the Masters programme. Last year, NID had received 24 applications for the same.

In 2017, NID admitted seven students, with visual impairment, locomotor, hearing disability and disability due to blood disorder, to the M.Des course. For the bachelors in design course, five students with specific learning disability were admitted.

The NID focuses on hands-on rather than bookish learning, which appeals to students with disabilities.

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