Supreme Court orders private hospitals in Delhi to provide free treatment to poor

Most of the times, people from economically backward families hesitate to undergo treatment at hospitals due to high medical bills and surgery costs. The Supreme Court of India has now passed a new rule stating that private hospitals in Delhi must provide free medical care for people from economically backward families!

This applies to all private hospitals that have got lands for subsidized rates from the government. The Supreme Court also pointed out that if hospitals breach this rule, it will be considered as a contempt of court. Supreme Court can even cancel lease of such hospitals!

The AAP government, which is currently ruling Delhi, has been asked to keep a check on this matter to make sure that hospitals implement this new rule at the earliest.

A concession of 10% treatment to in-patient Department (IPD) and 25% to out-patient Department (OPD) will be provided for those from economically backward families at private hospitals in Delhi.

This will be a blessing to thousands of poor people who finds it difficult to manage their medical bills.

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