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This children’s contest enabled inclusion through books!

July 13, 2018

Books play a very important role in the development of a child. They are literally building blocks that help to open doors to creativity, games, arts and other activities. Images, stories, characters, words and colours in every book have a deep and lasting impact on a child. More than hundreds of books are published in India every year. But how many children with special needs are able to connect with these books?

Parag along with Duckbill Books and Vidya Sagar School at Chennai recently held a Children's first Contest that brought together children from different walks of life. The event helped to throw light on the requirements of children with special needs. Their hopes, fears, mischief and fun were celebrated at the event through books and its characters!

At the event, children with special needs were introduced to many new books that registered their presence in a more sensitive manner in the society.

For example, the character named Magesh in the story Vibhuti Cat is a boy with lots of zest and energy. But he has speech impairment and does not have any friends. His best friend is his elder brother Vignesh and Vibhuti cat! Magesh loves drawing and he draws beautiful pictures of Vibhuti cat. It literally becomes a form of expression for Magesh, and he gains his confidence!

A child with special need will definitely relate to the character and be inspired to come out of his shell after reading this story. Vibhuti cat also highlights how a supportive family helps Magesh overcome his disabilities with ease.

Organizers introduced many similar stories and books at the event. By doing this, they ensured that inclusion is taken seriously. When a child with no disability reads the same books, they learn to connect with characters and will also believe in lending a helping hand for their counterparts who has a disability.

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