Thailand cave rescue to be made into a Hollywood movie!

On Tuesday evening, all the 12 boys and their coach from a soccer team were taken out from a flooded cave after weeks of rescue mission. This thrilling and risky rescue gave people around the world shivers down their spines. Now gear up to watch a Hollywood movie that is going to be made about this miraculous incident!

Leading production house Pure Flix has announced that they are going to make a movie on this incident. They hope to release it in a couple of years. Michael Scott who is the Managing Partner of Pure Flix has been in Thailand for getting to know more about the rescue mission. He said that the Thailand Navy SEAL Saman Gunan, who died while trying to rescue the children, was a close friend of his wife who is also from Thai. Hence, the incident is very close to his heart.

The shocking rescue had got the attention of people from across the globe. Scott said that the movie will be made to inspire millions of people so that they can overcome any hurdles with determination and courage.

The production house is already in talks with film-makers and actors. Pure Flix said that they are extremely happy that all the children have been saved and can get back to their families now! The movie will be made with an estimate of Rs 205 crore rupees.

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