Here are 6 tips for driving safe this monsoon!

Monsoon is in full-throttle. The entire country is gripped under heavy lashing rains. Many people have already lost their lives to monsoon mayhem.

Driving your car or bike during monsoon is extremely risky. Water clogged roads and poor visibility can affect your driving. We all saw a video footage of how a woman from Mumbai who was seated sideways on a bike holding an umbrella, was killed after she fell underneath a bus!

Most of us take driving in the rains very lightly. There are certain things that one must keep in mind while driving a car or bike during the rains.

Check out these 6 safety tips that can help you.

Drive slowly

This goes without a say! Courtesy towards pedestrians and other drivers on the road is very important. Make sure that you do not drive safe and splash dirty water on others! More than anything else, slow driving gives you a feel of safety and security.

Keep distance

Our cities are clogged with cars, trucks and bikes. Everyone is in a race to cross traffic signals. But during monsoon, we must ensure that we keep an adequate distance from the vehicle ahead of us. Basically, there must be ample braking distance! In case the vehicle ahead of us applies an emergency brake, we must be able to stop a little before. Ideally, a two second gap is must!

Do not hold umbrellas while on a bike

Most of us prefer to hold an umbrella while going on the bike to protect ourselves from the rain. Did you know that this act is suicidal? The umbrella tends to catch the wind easily. At that point, you will be dragged out to the road from your bike seat! Not only are there chances of a permanent head injury, you might even end up under the wheels of another vehicle!

Use only dim lights

Yes, we know that using bright lights are convenient while driving in rains. But you must understand that vehicles opposite you will have a tough time. It can cause accidents for them, or they might even bump into your own vehicle due to low vision.

Do not overtake other vehicles

Just like you, everyone else is in a hurry to reach their destinations. Overtaking vehicles, especially at curves, is asking for trouble. Isn’t it better to reach your destination a little late than never reaching at all?

Horn not OK

Traffic moves extremely slow on rainy days. But understand that you honking will not make any difference to it! Did you know that honking can even lead to permanent hearing loss to you and others? Patience is the key to good driving.

Watch in Sign Language

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