Disabled people in Karnataka raise concerns to government, demands separate ministry

Disabled people in Karnataka are all set to fight for their rights. The Karnataka State Union for Differently-abled Service Organisation (KSUDS) has come forward asking the government for a separate ministry to empower the elderly and people with disabilities. Currently, both of this comes under the Women and Child Welfare department of the state.

Unless a separate ministry comes into existence, rights of disabled people are going to be unnoticed. A representative from KSUDS said that government needs to be more sensitive towards issues and concerns raised by people with disabilities in Karnataka. They also need to set aside a specific amount for welfare of disabled people and senior citizens after every budget session.

Representatives said that they are deeply concerned about children with special needs. They demanded immediate implementation of policies to protect the rights of children with special needs.

Here are a few concerns that were raised by the representatives from the organization.

  • Teaching and non-teaching staffs at schools for children with special needs must be given government benefits and other facilities.
  • Government must provide a fixed grant of Rs 10,000 to each disabled child in residential schools, and Rs 8000 to those in non-residential schools.
  • In government run special schools, the biometric attendance system is used. This causes a lot of inconvenience to disabled children. It must be removed at the earliest. Instead, they must follow the regular attendance system which is convenient for children with special needs.
  • Government must set up vocational training centres to teach disabled children different skills so that they can become independent.
  • Mid-day meals that are supplied in special schools have been cancelled since last November. This has to be re-started at the earliest.

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