Lingerie brand Aerie's new campaign gives a new meaning to inclusion!

Aerie, an American-based lingerie brand has launched a campaign that features models with various medical conditions from different backgrounds.

The photos show models sitting in a wheelchair, wearing an insulin pump and using arm crutches. The company asked social media users to share videos of themselves explaining why they would want to be a part of the latest #AerieREAL campaign. Almost 2,000 women responded, out of which 57 women were selected. They had different backgrounds with various body types and conditions.

In a statement, Aerie said:

As a brand, Aerie has been a leader in empowering women and celebrating inclusivity and body positivity since our launch of #AerieREAL in 2014. Our newest bra models are part of our brand’s ongoing commitment to show real, authentic and unretouched women, who are at the core of everything that we do - Jennifer Foyle, Global Brand President, Aerie

Some of the models are cancer survivors, paralympians, and others with vitiligo, Down syndrome, to name a few.

Clearly, inclusion is becoming bigger in the fashion world. Recently, British online fashion brand ASOS displayed clothing on plus-size models.

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