Expecting mothers are prone to depression, says new study

Gone are days when post partum depression was the only thing that worried new mothers. A study has found out that expecting women are prone to depression when compared to their previous generations!

Researchers say that most of the times, expecting mothers are driven to depression due to excitement, anxiety and stress. Women of today are extremely career driven and focussed. They worry about their profession and future post having a baby. Many get paranoid when they think of juggling between family and work!

Over the years, studies have asserted how thousands of women are affected by depression after having a baby. This is commonly known as post partum depression, and researchers have been studying in-depth about this topic. This new study on expecting mothers getting depression throws light on the seriousness and attention that this problem calls for.

Researchers conducted this study on more than 2300 women who had babies in the early 90’s and women with children from the next generation. Most of the women were aged between 20-23 years. The scores of depression were higher for women from the current generation!

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