Do you have migraines? You are at the risk of hearing loss!

Do you get occasional migraines that take away your peace and well being? Then you are at the risk of many other ear disorders including hearing loss!

A new study by a group of researchers from Japan has found out that people with chronic migraine tend to get tinnitus, or a feeling of ringing inside their ears. This can cause extreme discomfort and stress for the individual. It is mostly seen in people with chronic migraine over those who have severe headaches.

These cochlear disorders affect certain parts of the ear, and causes extreme discomfort. This part receives sound in the form of vibrations and gets affected by problems that include tinnitus, sensorineural hearing impairment or even sudden deafness.

This sudden loss in hearing is often due to the lack of ample blood supply to the auditory system due to a migraine attack!

Getting clinical help can provide relief to a large extent to those who suffer from migraine issues.

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