Can computer games help treat ADHD!

Do you like playing computer games!! If you do, it may be helping you keep up your mental health.

This is what the ‘Games for Change Festival’ claims happens when people play games on their computers.

The festival that was organised in New York in June was used as a platform to spread awareness about use of computer games for mental health.

The games can be designed to help mental health in two ways.

• By helping improve the transmission of signals inside the brain. • Games involving role play also help the players relive their stress and this makes the mind feel better.

Games can be designed to meet the needs of specific people and help them in their mental development.

In fact, a neuroscientist at University of California San Francisco is studying the impact of gameplay on people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD.

It is hoped that in the future games can be designed to treat people with ADHD.

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