Fat consumption is the only cause of weight gain, says new study

The human diet often consists of fats, carbohydrates and lots of protein along with other nutrients. But what exactly causes weight gain in a human being? Over the years, researchers have been trying to get an answer to this! But they find it difficult to arrive at a conclusion because most of the foods consist of all these nutrients, and it is difficult to pin point what causes weight gain.

But a new study has found out that fat is what causes weight gain in humans! A group of researchers from the United Kingdom conducted the study on mice because the bodily functions, metabolism and physiology of mice and humans are quite similar.

Mice were fed fatty foods for over three months (that equals to nine years of a human). Their body fat was measured using a micro MRI machine.

Researchers pointed out that excessive intake of fatty foods made mice fat. Even the carbohydrates that included up to 30% of calories coming from sugar had no effect on the mice!

Hence researchers concluded that only consumption of fats add to weight gain of a human being.