Paralympians put up a splendid show at the Khelo India sports event

Recently, Gujarat hosted the Khelo India sports event that comes under Special Olympics Bharat which is an initiative of the Central Union Ministry. Paralympians have made the country proud yet again with their remarkable achievements!

Many para-athletes who attended the event came from economically backward families. They have strived hard to follow their passion for sports and games. They even overcame hurdles for their love for sports! Many of them have done well for international games and have brought accolades to India.

According to an official from Khelo India, people with over 70% learning disability and multiple disabilities took part in the event. Participating in the event was an achievement for many of them! Only those who passed in district and state competitions were given a chance to participate in Khelo India. The event was a platform for many para-athletes to showcase their talents in a public platform.

The minimum age limit for participating in the events was eight years of age. Vikas Kumar and Satyam Sushil were even selected for the World Summer Games 2019 to be held in Abu Dhabi!

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