Podcast called Marbles Lost & Found talks about important concerns around mental health

A much welcome step to address important concerns about mental health has been launched. Called Marbles Lost & Found, the podcast of 10 episodes, plans to focus on important topics around mental health.

Each episode of the podcast is about 20 minutes long and will focus on mental health issues in an Indian context. Issues like depression, toxic masculinity, or the representation of mental illnesses in popular cinema are some of the topics that will be discussed.

Four episodes of the podcast have been done so far. The aim of Marbles Lost & Found is to offer a safe space for those dealing with mental illnesses as well as those looking to care for people who are dealing with it.

The core team members are music producer Zain Calcuttawala and psychotherapist Avanti Malhotra, with the rest of the team contributing to it from time to time. People talk about how they coped and struggled with depression. There is no judgement, and plenty of empathy.

The title of the series is kept light to reflect a sense of hope. It makes you feel that you can talk about depression, personality disorders or anxiety issues even while you are among friends. It does not directly offer solutions. Through personal journeys and observations of mental health, Calcuttawala and Malhotra want to show that the path to recovery is not always a clear and straight one.

The podcast is available on websites and apps. Its a free podcast that has a new episode every Tuesday. You can listen to it on IVM's app or the website, Saavn, YouTube, SoundCloud, Audioboom, and HeadFone.

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