Some ideas for when you feel too tired to do anything

Even the most active and energetic people amongst us can sometimes feel like doing nothing!

Feeling of tiredness, exhaustion or plain lethargy at times is a common human trait. Here are a few ideas to pep yourself up when you are feeling low and inactive.

• If the body is not wanting to do some work, it may actually be tired and this could be caused by insufficient sleep.The best way to treat this would be to get some rest and a little more sleep.

Sleep helps to refresh the brain when it is feeling emotionally and mentally tired.

• Start off with activities that are slow and do not require too much energy. Even if the body feels rested, the mind may not be fresh enough. It could be due to some emotional and mental stress.

Talk to your friend or family members and have a light conversation.

• If you don’t feel like going out, have some fun at home. Dance to your favorite party songs, watch a fun movie or cook some comfort food for yourself.

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