Getting disability certificates in Delhi to become easier

The Delhi Commission for Persons with Disabilities has made life easier for people with disabilities when it comes to getting a disability certificate.

It has said that health and the family departments of the Delhi government need not depend on the notification of Delhi Rights of Persons with Disability Rules and can now go ahead and designate hospitals as well as the disabilities they are supposed to certify.

This order came after many parents of children with disabilities approached the commission during the admission process in colleges. The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities had added 14 new disabilities in RPWD 2016 to enable people under these categories to apply for jobs and colleges.

Earlier there were only seven disabilities listed and 26 hospitals were designated to provide certification to people under these categories.

According to the rules candidates need to visit the hospital designated to certify their disabilities. But many parents found this inconvenient.

However, as per RPWD 2016, certifying authorities need not depend on the state government's notification, said the commission. It has asked colleges and schools to give more time to parents. Efforts are also being made to appoint the medical authority as per the requirement.

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