Elderly parents can take back property granted to children if ill-treated, says Bombay High Court

Recently, there has been a rise in cases of elderly abuse across India. Many are reported while many others go unnoticed. Most of the times, elderly people face abuse from their children, a family member or relative. The government and law makers are gearing up to take strict action against such perpetrators.

The Bombay High Court passed a new rule stating that elderly parents can take back a part of their property that has been gifted to their sons, in case they fail to look after them or abuses them.

According to the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, elderly parents who have given a part of the property to their children are supposed to be taken care of without any hassles. But most of the cases point out that after transfer of property, children refuse to take care of their aged parents, often abusing them.

The court clearly states that such acts are a violation of the law. It also asserted that those who do not adhere to the law will be strictly punished.

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