Blind and elderly woman locked inside house, police comes to the rescue!

How safe is our country for elderly and ailing people? Reports confirm that most of them face abuse under the hands of their own children! For instance, a 100 year old blind woman named Karishna Dasi from Ludhiana in Punjab, had to face abuse from her own daughter.

According to reports, Karishna was locked inside her daughter’s home for more than ten days. A social worker alerted the local police and advocates about the incident. They rushed to the house to find the blind and elderly woman having an extremely difficult time trying to survive.

When she was asked for further details, Karishna said that she prefers talking to her son. Soon, the cops called her son who said that his mother has been living with the daughter since many years.

The daughter, who was out of station, was confronted by the police. She said that Karishna had to be left alone at home and locked inside because she had to take care of her ailing husband who was admitted in the hospital.

Karishna was moving around the house by touching walls. Her kind neighbours ensured that Karishna is provided food all three times a day.

The elderly woman has been handed over to her son. The daughter said that she is helpless and cannot take care of the mother!

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