7 year old boy impressed Superstar Rajinikanth with his honesty

Superstar Rajinikanth has been impressed by the honesty of a 7-year-old boy Yasin from Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Yasin a class 2 student had found a wallet containing ₹50,000 last week while he was going to school. The young boy returned the wallet to the police through his school authorities.

The wallet had contained 100 notes of ₹500 when Yasim found it.

Rajnikanth met Yasin and his parents on Sunday and promised to sponsor the rest of his education.

Rajnikanth said that it is easy to cheat in today’s time but Yasin remained honest and that is the best quality. Yasin is currently studying in a government school now. After school, Rajnikanth will help Yasin in getting higher education in any stream that he chooses.

The police department also gifted school uniforms and other utilities to the honest boy.

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