Paralysed man sat next to dead wife for 5 days, died himself

A paralyzed man suffered a tragic incident in Karnataka’s Karwar due to his disability.

60 year old Anand Kolkar sat next to the dead body of his wife for 5 days and could not move as he was paralysed. After a few days he also died because of starvation.

Anand was paralyzed after he suffered a stroke in 2016 and was being taken care of by his wife Girija. Girija used to work as a house help to earn for the two of them. They did not have any children.

As per reports, Girija had a heart attack and collapsed in a chair last week. Anand was not able to move or call for help and remained seated in a chair next to her body.

The couple were found in the sad condition by Girija’s brother Subramanya. Subramanya had tried calling his sister on 11 July but no one answered the phone.

Girija and Anand were found sitting next to each other on two chairs inside the small house.

Both were taken to the local hospital where Anand breathed his last. He had become very weak and dehydrated as he had not eaten or drunk anything for 5 days.

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