Disabled couple in UP forced to crawl to police station to file complaint after being robbed

This is an incident that has shamed the Uttar Pradesh police force. A disabled couple crawled to a higher police official for help after their robbery complaint was not registered at the local police station.

Sanjeev and Savitri Kumar, who are disabled, were devastated after their savings of Rs 80,000 was stolen from their home. But when they went to the local police station to file a complaint, they were allegedly chased away. In tears, the couple crawled to the office of office of the Senior Superintendent of police (SSP) of Meerut and threatened to end their lives if the police did not take any action.

They have asked the police to recover their money soon, failing which they would kill themselves. The theft apparently took place when the couple went to meet a relative. Based on their suspicion, they gave the name of an accused to the police. Not only did the police not file their first complaint, they also threatened the couple.

After some pressure from the SSP, the police have finally stepped in and promised to take quick action.

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